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    Try Minis Starting at INR 75

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    I was searching for a serum which does everything like reducing acne, acne marks, mild exfoliation etc. Thank goodness I found it. If you're a beginner and needs an exfoliating serum go for it❤️ It has helped me by improving my skin texture, post acne pigmentation, reduced the stubborn bumps,acne. I love it.

    Ameena Shajahan

    Dig Deep

    This gel is a little unbelievable - it improved my blemished skin to the extent I barely needed to wear makeup anymore. In combination with a few other Raw Beauty products (Margarita and Quench) it has given me my confidence back and minimised the signs of years of acne on my skin.



    "When mixed with milk and applied, this phenomenal body and face ubtan leaves skin shiny, velvety soft, moisturised and reduces tan. It removes dead skin from all over your body. Doing a body scrub once a week or once in two weeks becomes a must when you start using the product and experience the amazing benefits it imparts all over your body (especially butt). It has a soft but extremely effective exfoliating texture."


    Kick Ass

    I purchased this hair growth serum after giving up on so many raved hair oils since it didn't do anything on my postpartum bald patches but with consistent usage of hair growth serum I have started noticing the new baby hairs which has made me quite happy with the results and not to forget the lightweight and non greasy consistency which makes the application quite easy.

    Renuka Vivek

    Sprout Again

    I mean it is best switch because my skin was not going well with the vitamin C and in a week while using the Timeless my pigmentation has lightened , even acne breakouts are less than ever.. and the glowing skin is best thing it provides.




    Sunayana Walia

    "We didn’t start Raw Beauty with the intention of catering to fads or trends. For us, it is an extension of our lifestyle that values honesty, minimalism and slow-living. Our intention is not to encourage mindless consumerism but to inspire our customers to be mindful of their consumption and its effect on the environment and their well-being— a reason why we make multipurpose, long-lasting products.

    When you use Raw Beauty products, you aren’t only pampering your skin and hair with the very best ingredients, you are also making a conscious decision to pause and listen to your mind and body. We sincerely hope that our products contribute to your overall well-being and inspire you to make positive lifestyle decisions."

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