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Article: Easy Tips to Control Hair Fall in Men and Women

Easy Tips to Control Hair Fall in Men and Women

Easy Tips to Control Hair Fall in Men and Women

First things first, our skin and hair health depends on our inner health. Thicker, stronger and healthier hair is a result of a balanced diet, proper exercise and sufficient interaction with nature. No matter how many skin and hair care products we douse ourselves into, if our body is not holistically aligned from within, no amount of external care can do its job efficiently. In anything in life, it’s always about teamwork! So how do we make sure that even amidst our hectic schedules, we are able to take out time for our tresses and flaunt our beautiful locks? Come, let’s learn.

1. Monitor your diet- Our constitution defines who we are and our food reflects the health of our skin and hair. Consciously making an effort to understand your body’s dosha and curating your own diet goes a long way. Eating according to one’s doshas keeps inflammation at bay. An ideal diet for long and luscious hair is the one that includes healthy sources of proteins, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

2. Exfoliate your scalp- To control hair fall and hair breakage, we all need to first get rid of the scalp build up. In our daily routine, a lot of pollution, dust particles and sweat accumulates in our scalp further blocking the hair follicles. This is one of the major reasons for weak roots and losing hair strands. For this reason, gently scruffing our scalp using a non greasy exfoliating scalp serum is of utmost importance. This practice aids in keeping the scalp squeaky clean which further creates a clear and clean base for other products to work effectively.

3. Make time for ‘Champi’- The reason I recommend this is because hair wellness starts with a healthy scalp. A good 15 minutes deep scalp massage is all you need to stimulate the hair follicles for thicker hair, exfoliation of scalp and promoting the much needed blood circulation. Massaging your scalp regularly with a scalp butter also improves hair thickness by stretching the cells of hair follicles. Remember, when it comes to using hair oils or hair butters- less is always more! We often have a tendency to over oil our scalp and hair and then use generous amounts of hair cleansers to wash it off. This eventually dries out our scalp and hair. So, make a thumb rule of less is more!

4. Mask it up- Make it a habit to feed your scalp and hair with the superfoods it needs at least once a week. You can either use a diy hair mask using ingredients like moringa powder, amla powder, curd, egg, onion juice, etc or simply opt for a hydrating hair mask like ‘Fix Your Crown’. Infused with the goodness of ginger, dandelion, horsetail and rosemary, it deeply nourishes the hair and treats itchy scalp.

5. Stop sweating over small stuff- As I always say, learn to take charge of stress and keep your nerves calm and composed. Stress plays around with our hormones and leads our immune system to accidentally attack our hair follicles. So find your own ways to manage stress- it could start from disconnecting by reading a book or simply spending some quality time with friends and family. You do you, so always follow your own beat!


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