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Article: Hey Sunayana, why did you start Raw Beauty? - Philosophy behind the brand

Hey Sunayana, why did you start Raw Beauty? - Philosophy behind the brand

Hey Sunayana, why did you start Raw Beauty? - Philosophy behind the brand

Raw Beauty is an honest and dedicated effort backed by the philosophy of redefining mindful living through clean, minimal and effective skin and hair care products, says Sunayana in a candid conversation with team Raw Beauty. The products and practices of Raw Beauty are rooted in nature but backed by science. None of it happened overnight. Raw Beauty is an extension of the green and clean lifestyle Sunayana and her family have been practising for several years. As a family, they would often find themselves drying some orange peel or taking a few ingredients from their kitchen, mixing them with some pantry staples and enjoying a great DIY skin-soothing blend. They always chose homemade tooth powder over store bought toothpaste. Soapnuts replaced commercial detergents for washing laundry and so on.

Let’s understand what pushed Sunayana to start Raw Beauty five years back and what keeps her going even today.

What do you mean by clean beauty?

The term organic skincare has almost taken over the idea of clean and sustainable beauty. I believe that the most important thing is being mindful. Being mindful of one’s consumption of beauty products, being aware of the source of ingredients, and at last being aware of why your skin or hair truly needs a particular product. All our natural skincare products are made in small batches so that we can soulfully connect to each jar we make. I believe that each product should carry love and be able to inspire our customers. Clean beauty is simple, non-toxic and certainly doesn’t claim to be something it is not.
Flaunt Your Freckles

What does #BeRawBeauty mean to you?

This has to be my favourite point of discussion. I cannot emphasise enough that when it comes to beauty, it cannot be the same for everyone. To each, his own. To be comfortable in my skin, to be able to flaunt my freckles, to be able to accept ageing gracefully and to be okay with the fact that not everything is supposed to be ‘fixed’ is the idea of #BeRawBeauty to me. #BeRawbeauty is envisioned to empower every person. It means to instil the confidence of owning up to our raw selves and embrace the beauty that lies within.

What makes Raw Beauty minimal?

My understanding of minimal goes way beyond just crisp packaging or digital aesthetics. Minimalism in beauty is a way of life. It begins right from choosing 3-4 ingredients to curate one product to building a routine that involves a minimum number of steps but the ones that rightly feed your soul. I’ve always preached that our skin and hair are simply a reflection of our inner health and lifestyle choices- when we make aware & conscious choices, our skin is bound to thrive.

What is the one piece of advice you would like to give for clean, happy living?

Be connected to nature. Go outdoors and take that walk, feel the grass, absorb the skies, meditate, exercise and stay hydrated. We need to take care of our diet and lifestyle to feel beautiful inside out. Skincare is merely a fraction of the self love our mind and body needs from us. So, focus on your well-being, live mindfully and everything else will follow.

Team Raw Beauty

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