What is Scalp Buildup and how to get rid of it?

Ever tried to dry massage your scalp or pull your hair into a bun and felt a layer of oil and dirt on your fingertips? This layer of undesirable grease and pollution is called Scalp Buildup. Scalp Buildup is the accumulation of dirt, pollution, excess oil, hard water, dead skin cells, hair products, pollen and smoke on our scalp and hair. Whatever be the source of buildup, the consequences remain the same. The microbes living on our scalp start feeding on these components and this fuels their metabolic activity, further enhancing their impact on our scalp. This is what leads to hair and scalp conditions like dandruff, clogged hair follicles, itchy-flaky scalp and hair fall.

So today let’s learn how to remove scalp buildup and achieve healthy hair-

Wash your scalp timely - The best way to prevent scalp buildup is to wash your scalp regularly using gentle hair cleansers. If your scalp is feeling too heavy or oily, your scalp is naturally asking you to wash off the excessive sebum and dirt accumulation. If you have an oily scalp, it’s best to wash it every alternative day using a low poo shampoo like Bounce and if you have a dry scalp then once in 3-4 days using a sulphate free shampoo like Back To Basics should be good. The idea is to not let your hair follicles get blocked. 

Exfoliate your scalp - Depending upon the level of the buildup, you can choose to exfoliate your scalp either physically or chemically. To gently exfoliate physically you can dry massage your scalp to stimulate blood circulation and mildly brush off the settled flakes or use a nourishing scalp butter like Grandma for treating dandruff and itchiness. In case you feel physical exfoliation is not doing the job for you, you can try using an exfoliating scalp serum once or twice a week. Ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Zinc PCA and Apple Cider Vinegar balance the PH of the scalp, gives it a squeaky clean feeling and create a clear base for other products to work more effectively.

Check your water - Most cities these days have hard water. The buildup of minerals in hard water settles down on our scalp and creates a film. This makes it difficult for the moisture to penetrate and leaves are hair lifeless and flat. If possible, install a water softener or use any homemade mask using curry leaves and moringa to detoxify your scalp. I personally love using Fix Your Crown to purify my scalp and open up my blocked hair follicles. 

Rinse your hair properly - Residue from hair products such as dry shampoos and silicones from hair styling products are real culprits when it comes to scalp buildup. They block our scalp and prohibit the natural and healthy cell turnover cycle. Therefore, it’s important to properly rinse your scalp and hair while shampooing and take off all that product buildup.

Lastly, brush your hair regularly and let your scalp breathe. Your hair will be healthy, strong and shiny once again!


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