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Lemon & Cedarwood
Lemon & Cedarwood
balm deodorant with baking soda
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Neroli & Lavender
Neroli & Lavender

balm deodorant with baking soda

Sale price₹ 590.00
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Vetiver & Myrrh
Vetiver & Myrrh

balm deodorant with alum & clay

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Cypress & Patchouli
Cypress & Patchouli

balm deodorant with alum & clay

Sale price₹ 530.00

Why should you choose a Balm Deodorant or a Gel Deodorant for you and your family?

There is a lot of conversation around commercial deodorants or chemical deodorants versus natural balm deodorant and rightly so. Natural deodorant balm in India is an essential part of daily body care routine. The Indian natural deodorant balm market has been flooded with chemically loaded variants that are not only harmful to the body but also to the environment. They are chemical-laden and tend to clog pores, making it harder for the body to naturally perspire. On the other hand, natural deodorant balm still helps to prevent odour by keeping natural bacteria from mixing with the salt and water on the skin while allowing your body to sweat the way it should!


Why is using chemical loaded deodorants bad for you?

Whenever we are reading about the harmful effects of using chemical based deodorants we often come across information that tells us how artificial scents and antiperspirants cause various allergies, skin irritation and rashes.


The reason behind this is simple. We spray or apply the deodorants directly on our skin which is highly absorbent in nature. Infact, over prolonged use, with the pores on our skin and our sense of smell, these chemicals pave a way into our bloodstream and become the reason for cancer and cognitive disorders.


We always recommend our customers to take out 5 minutes and read the label of the products they are purchasing. Being aware, mindful and conscious is everything!


Benefits of using natural deodorant balm or commonly available lemon balm deodorants

Switching to natural deodorant offers both personal and environmental advantages, maintaining effectiveness comparable to conventional deodorants you might be familiar with.


1) Natural Odour Management

It's a common misconception that sweat is responsible for body odour. In reality, odour arises when sweat interacts with skin bacteria. Traditional antiperspirants/deodorants containing aluminium and other chemicals can exacerbate body odour by reacting with sweat. On the other hand, natural deodorant balm with ingredients such as Noni Extract, Zinc Lactate, Bearberry, and Daisy, Baking Soda and Alum don’t clog the pores, rather only work on neutralising the natural body odour.


2) Promotes Natural Sweating

Sweating is a critical bodily function for temperature regulation. Traditional deodorants can block sweat glands, hindering this natural process and potentially disrupting your skin's health over time. Transitioning to natural balm deodorants might require a detox period of 2-4 weeks for your underarms to rebalance, but the shift away from harmful chemicals is beneficial in the long run.


3) Non Toxic

Common deodorants often contain undesirable chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin. Opting for natural deodorants with botanical ingredients for odour control prioritises your health and safety. Our Lemon Balm Deodorant, for instance, uses natural essential oils and organic baking soda to manage moisture and odour effectively for individuals.


4) Gentle on Skin

Natural balm deodorant is formulated with skin-friendly ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, reducing the risk of irritation and providing a smooth application. For those with sensitive skin, our Prebiotic Gel Deodorants, which are organic deodorants for women, aluminium-free and infused with organic essential oils, offer freshness and skin soothing effects without any irritation.


5) Environmentally Friendly

Choosing balm deodorants with natural and sustainable ingredients not only benefits you but also the environment. At Raw Beauty, our commitment to holistic, sustainable, and non toxic beauty includes eco-friendly packaging for our natural deodorants, aligning with our dedication to ecological responsibility.

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Organic Deodorant for Women and Natural Deodorant Balm for Underarms

  1. Lemon and Cedarwood: This natural deodorant balm has a base of baking soda to help you combat bad body odour and excessive sweating for at least 8-12 hours. Made with Lemon, Cedarwood, Coconut Oil, Arrowroot and Geranium as key ingredients, it leaves your body with a burst of woody citrusy freshness.
  3. Neroli and Lavender: Another one in the kitty of baking soda natural deodorant balm in India is this sweet-floral scent. Apart from being non toxic in nature, it also does not stain the clothes or leave any residue, making it an ideal underarm organic deodorant for women.
  5. Cypress and Patchouli: A natural deodorant balm with alum and clay, this is known for its spicy musky scent, skin soothing properties and an ideal choice of organic deodorant for women. Made using organically sourced essential oils, this natural deodorant balm lasts for 6-8 hours.
  7. Vetiver and Myrrh: With a wet earth scent, this natural deodorant for women sparks the sense of petrichor around. Made with a balanced blend of Vetiver, Myrrh, Patchouli, Coconut Oil, Kaolin Clay and Alum (Phitkari), this natural deodorant balm is suitable for everyone struggling with strong body odour or has sensitive armpits.

Raw Beauty’s Natural and Organic Prebiotic Gel Deodorants


Happy Dance

Smell wonderfully fresh with Happy Dance Prebiotic Gel Deodorant. This deodorant not only gives your body a subtle, fresh scent but also effectively neutralises any bad body odour. Plus, it brightens underarms too and is enriched with Noni Extract, Zinc Lactate, Bearberry, and Daisy for a comfortable and refreshing summer experience. It leaves no white residue on the skin and won't stain your clothes either.


Free Spirit

This organic deodorant for women captures the essence of feeling fresh for up to 8 hours while enjoying a pleasant scent of Rose Geranium, Vanilla and Lemon consistently. Along with its underarm brightening effect and bad body odour neutralisation, it is also filled with Noni Extract, Zinc Lactate, Bearberry, and Daisy, that ensure no white residue on the skin or clothes, make this deodorant safe for sensitive skin and completely non-toxic.


Earth Bound

A vegan deodorant, this prebiotic gel deodorant for underarms in India is petrichor in a bottle. With an earthy scent, this variant is loaded with the goodness of Patchouli, Myrrh and Bergamot and masks bad body odour with utmost ease. It is also safe to be used by anyone above the age of 12 years.


How to apply a natural deodorant balm for optimal results?

Including a balm deodorant in your everyday routine is extremely simple:

  • After you have had a shower, scoop out a pea sized quantity of the organic balm deodorant out of the jar using a clean spatula or your fingers.
  • Rub or massage it onto clean underarms until it absorbs fully.
  • Use daily for best results.
  • You can reapply as per your need or outdoor exposure.
  • Organic balm deodorant can also be applied on pulse points for an accentuated aroma.
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Stay fresh, stay confident, and stay true to your commitment to holistic wellness with Raw Beauty


Frequently Asked Questions


Is natural deodorant actually healthier for you?

Yes, natural deodorant is healthier as it avoids harmful chemicals and uses ingredients like baking soda that combat odour naturally.


Do dermatologists recommend natural deodorant?

Yes, many dermatologists do recommend natural deodorants because they're free from harsh chemicals.


Does natural deodorant make underarms darker?

No, natural deodorant doesn't typically darken underarms. It's free from harsh chemicals that might cause irritation or discoloration, unlike some conventional deodorants.


Is baking soda OK for armpits?

Yes, baking soda is okay for armpits! It's a natural deodorizer that helps neutralise odour.


How can I detox my armpits naturally?

To naturally detox your armpits, try using a baking soda paste. Mix baking soda with water to create a paste, then apply to your armpits and leave for a few minutes before rinsing.


What is the difference between organic and regular deodorant?

Organic deodorants use natural ingredients, like baking soda, without synthetic chemicals. Regular deodorants may contain artificial fragrances and preservatives.

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