Bloody MaryBloody Mary
Most Loved

Bloody Mary

lip and face mask

₹ 590.00

Kick AssKick Ass

Kick Ass

Brightening ubtan

₹ 1,090.00

Cacao LagaoCacao Lagao

Cacao Lagao

anti ageing face mask

₹ 890.00

Glitter Like GoldGlitter Like Gold
Must Try

Glitter Like Gold

emulsifying face and body polish

₹ 1,290.00

Muddly in LoveMuddly in Love
Must Try

Muddly in Love

Clarifying face mask

₹ 550.00

Cool KidCool Kid
Must Try

Cool Kid

calming & hydrating face mask

₹ 630.00

Anti-Tan ComboAnti-Tan Combo
On sale

Anti-Tan Combo

₹ 1,666.00 ₹ 2,380.00    30 % off

Give your skin a little TLC and it will thank you. Pampering your skin will give it the timely love it needs to look and feel nourished.