Sprout AgainSprout Again

Sprout Again

Hair growth gel
₹ 1,199.00

Berry MuchBerry Much

Berry Much

Double Cleansing Balm
₹ 890.00

Back to BasicsBack to Basics

Back to Basics

Low poo shampoo
₹ 899.00

Clear ScalpClear Scalp

Clear Scalp

Exfoliating scalp serum

₹ 890.00



clarifying & pore refining serum
₹ 999.00

Dig DeepDig Deep

Dig Deep

Exfoliating serum

₹ 750.00



Low poo shampoo
₹ 899.00

Bloody MaryBloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Lip and face mask

₹ 590.00



Nourishing scalp butter

₹ 899.00



barrier care lotion

₹ 990.00



 foaming face wash powder

₹ 650.00

No FussNo Fuss

No Fuss

Brightening face wash

₹ 999.00

Glitter Like GoldGlitter Like Gold

Glitter Like Gold

Emulsifying face and body polish

₹ 1,290.00

Kick AssKick Ass

Kick Ass

Brightening ubtan

₹ 1,090.00

Touch Me NotTouch Me Not

Touch Me Not

Cream cleanser

₹ 1,199.00

Breakout at BayBreakout at Bay

Breakout at Bay

Clarifying prebiotic gel lotion

₹ 1,120.00

Clean DeepClean Deep

Clean Deep

Clarifying face wash

₹ 1,199.00

Blue Chamomile HydrosolBlue Chamomile Hydrosol

Blue Chamomile Hydrosol

Face and body mist

₹ 590.00

Nee MoiiNee Moii

Nee Moii

Foaming face wash powder

₹ 650.00

Aloe Vera HydrosolAloe Vera Hydrosol

Aloe Vera Hydrosol

Face and body mist

₹ 590.00

Neem and Curry Leaf HydrosolNeem and Curry Leaf Hydrosol

Neem and Curry Leaf Hydrosol

Face and body mist

₹ 590.00

Muddly in LoveMuddly in Love

Muddly in Love

Clarifying face mask

₹ 550.00

Cool KidCool Kid

Cool Kid

Calming & hydrating face mask

₹ 630.00

Vetiver HydrosolVetiver Hydrosol

Vetiver Hydrosol

Face and body mist

₹ 590.00

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