1- Are your products vegan?
Most of them are. We use beeswax in some of the balms and some masks have honey & milk powder. You will find a vegan symbol on the products that are free from animal derived ingredients.

2- Are your products tested on animals?
No, we do not approve of any animal testing.

3- Are your products safe to be used by pregnant and nursing women?
Yes our products are completely safe to be used by pregnant and nursing women. However, products like deodorants, sore muscles' salve and grandma butter which contain essential oils should be avoided or used only after consulting with your doctor. 

4- Why should products with essential oils be avoided during pregnancy or while nursing?
Not all essential oils need to be avoided during these times.
But many can either induce early labour or reduce milk supply during breast feeding.
A few common ones are-
Clary Sage
Oak Moss
Parley Seed or Leaf

5- Can I use your products with products from other brands?
Yes, you most certainly can.

6- I repetitively buy some of your products but I have noticed that the colour or smell varies sometimes. Why does this happen? 
We use a lot of plant extracts in our products. It is almost impossible to standardise their aroma or the color as it can vary with each harvest. However it does not impact the potency of the product.

7- How do I know when my product will expire?
You will find the expiry date for each product on the label and carton. Once you open the bottle, we recommend that you use the products within 4-6 months. This is just to ensure that you are using them in their maximum potency period. We believe in making small batches just so the freshest products reach you. Always store them in a dark and cool place.

8- Why should we do a skin patch test?

We strongly recommend a patch test behind your ears or inside of your elbow, before you start with any new skincare product.
Patch testing is a method of checking if a new skincare product/ingredient is working for your unique skin. Most skin problems are caused by regularly using ingredients that sensitize our skin.
Natural ingredients, like herbs, extracts, oils or even essential oils can cause sensitivity. Just the way someone can be allergic to nuts, dairy or wheat, people can be allergic to skincare ingredients as well.

9- Are your products made using organic ingredients?
Most of the ingredients we use are certified organic or wild harvested. Some are naturally sourced but do not have certifications. All actives, emulsifiers, additives, preservatives are ECOCERT or COSMOS approved.

10- Why do some balms go grainy?
It's normal for balms to go grainy because of sudden temperature changes. It doesn’t affect the quality or the potency of the product.
When balms are exposed to warmer temperatures, the butter's natural fatty acids melt at a different rate than the rest of the fats and waxes in the balm. Whereas when the temperature cools again, these oil droplets recrystallize, causing lighter colored hard grains to form on the surface of the balm. The top layer can also condense and appear like a white film.

11- Is fixing a grainy balm possible? 
Yes, it’s possible. You could either keep it in sharp sun, let it soften fully and then put it in the fridge for next 24 hrs or you could place the balm on a plate kept on top of a bowl of boiling water. When the balm melts or softens, immediately keep it in the fridge for next 24 hrs.

12- Why do we see oil settled on some products like masks and cleansing balms?
Masks like 'Cacao Lagao' and 'Fix your Crown' are made by blending herbs with oils and glycerin. It is natural for the oils to separate a little in hot weather, specifically during transit. 
 You may also see some oil droplets on products like 'Lustre' and 'Berry Much', which again is caused due to high temperature. This separation doesn’t affect the efficacy of the product.


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