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Copper Tongue Cleaner

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Copper Tongue Cleaner
Copper Tongue Cleaner Sale price₹ 210.00

Why to use a Copper Tongue Cleaner?

Tongue cleaning or scraping is an important facet of any Ayurvedic lifestyle. Using a tongue cleaner gets rid of bacteria that can damage your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Getting rid of these bacteria means that they won’t be able to produce any volatile sulfur compounds, which are one of the main causes of bad breath. When your tongue will be less coated, you’ll be able to taste your food better. Tongue scrapping also stimulates the digestive tract and improves your digestive fire, meaning that you’ll be able to absorb nutrients from breakfast easier.

Ayurvedic Significance of Copper

Copper is seen as the ultimate tongue cleaner, particularly in Ayurvedic medicine, as copper is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, plus it provides vital enzymes that promote the survival of good bacteria and other important microbes in your mouth.