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Glitter Like Gold

brightening body polish

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Turn on your skin’s natural radiance. 

✔ gently exfoliates the skin

✔ removes dead skin & stubborn tan

✔ makes skin supple & radiant


Natural & Organic


Tested Ingredients

Glitter Like Gold
Glitter Like Gold Sale price₹ 1,290.00

Turn on your skin’s natural radiance

If you’re looking for magic in a bottle, Glitter Like Gold is the product for you. Gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it supple and gets rid of the tan to give it a brighter appearance, this finely milled face & body polish is one that your skin will truly love.

With ingredients like Raw HoneyPineapple Enzyme, Coconut Flour, Willow BarkWhole Milk & Turmeric the product helps you achieve smoother skin easily.

Enzymatic exfoliants are different than your average exfoliant. As the name would suggest, they exfoliate using enzymes rather than abrasive granules. Enzymes help to break down the keratin in the skin's upper layers, which helps it lift off anything dead and it does this in a funky way. The enzymes literally digest the dead skin on your skin but would not over exfoliate. This means that anyone with sensitive skin can benefit from using such products. 

Key Highlights

  1. Suitable for everyone who is struggling with tan & rough skin.
  2. Above 12 years of age.
  3. Safe for pregnant and lactating women.