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Muslin Washcloth

100% organic cotton

₹ 390.00

Harness the process of gentle exfoliation.

The muslin washcloth is woven to help you with the cleansing of your skin while also gently exfoliating it, keeping whiteheads and blackheads at bay. The washcloth is also great for use as a natural loofah on the body.

Made from non-GMO, certified organic cotton and set in double layers, it promotes smoother, healthier and cleaner skin.

All skin types.

Safe for babies.

100% organic, non gmo cotton

Size: 14 X 14 inches

Run the washcloth under warm water and wring it out slightly, leaving it moderately damp. Squeeze / dab some of your cleansing product over it and proceed to use all over your body and face in gentle, circular motions.
Wipe face masks, cleansing balm or oil, make up remover with well squeezed wet washcloth. Rub firmly on the areas (like chin or nose) that are prone to black or whiteheads.

Can be used daily.

What’s special?
The washcloth works up a good lather even from cleansing products with low surfactants.
Used together with a cleansing oil, the warm cloth can easily and gently remove leftover traces of stubborn make-up.
Reusable and compostable, the product is designed to last several years, post which it can be retired for home use to wipe surfaces.

This washcloth should be hand washed and dried, preferably in the sun, between uses.

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Raw Beauty Natural Body Care Products
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Lane No- 4, Opposite Skill Development Centre,
Leather Complex Road, Jalandhar
Punjab-144021, India.
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