WASHCLOTH - Organic Bengal Kapaas
WASHCLOTH - Organic Bengal Kapaas

WASHCLOTH - Organic Bengal Kapaas

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Fabric- Organic Bengal Kappas

Size- 11.75 By 11.75 Inches



  • A washcloth is the best natural manual exfoliator, promoting smoother & healthier skin. Skin no longer feels flaky & rough as the excess dirt, oils & odour-causing bacteria will belifted up & washed away properly with a washcloth. It effortlessly removes white and black heads.

  • It makes plenty of squishy suds from a bar soap.They work up a good lather with less product, even for bar soaps that have less foaming power.  Simply wet your washcloth and rub it several times over your bar soap.

  • Used together with a cleansing oil, the warm cloth & its texture will work to easily and gently remove leftover traces of stubborn make-up. Wrap your finger tips in the washcloth and go over lightly in circular motions for best effect. Daily washcloth routine improves my skin's texture.

  • Made of organic cotton , this washcloth is reusable and compostable. Use it for many years and when it starts looking old, you can retire it for use in the home to wipe surfaces.

  • This washcloth can easily be hand washed and dried to be used the next morning.