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Article: 5 Products your dry skin will love this winter season

best products for dry skin in winter

5 Products your dry skin will love this winter season

The winter chills are here and so is the dry and flaky skin! Drop in the humidity level and the cool dry air makes our skin lose its moisture easily. So, with the change in weather conditions, we should also change our skincare routine. Examine your skin, understand what it needs and add or subtract the products accordingly. In most cases, our skin requires some extra love and nourishment in winters.

So today, let's talk about 5 such products that are an absolute skin pleaser for the winter season ahead -

1) Touch Me Not

I call it the cleanser that loves your skin! Skin fortifying ingredients like Calendula, Bamboo and Nigella Sativa make this gentle cream face wash the best face cleanser for dry skin. Anybody above the age of 2 years can use this. It effectively cleanses the face without stripping it off its natural oils and moisture. Touch Me Not also strengthens skin’s barrier which usually goes for a toss in the winter season. The Blue Chamomile used in the formulation also soothes the skin and maintains an optimal PH level.

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2) That Good Cream

This soothing face cream is a good excuse to show your skin some extra love that it deserves in winters. With ingredients like Seaweed, Olive Leaf, Gotu Kola and Wild turmeric, That Good Cream is a deeply nourishing face cream for dry skin. It soothes and calms the irritated skin, improves skin texture and tones and protects the skin from environmental stressors.

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3) Lips Don’t Lie

Never forget to seal your lips with a nourishing lip butter while doing your morning and night skincare. Our lips need just as much care and attention as other parts of our body. The cool and dry winter air really compromises the top layer of the skin of our lips and they look dry and chapped. The goodness of Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline, Sea Buckthorn, Kokum and Coconut provide intense nourishment to our lips and make them beautifully plump again!

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4) Soak In Love

One practice that I religiously follow in winters is to end my day with even more moisture than day time! Our skin is in a relaxed state during the night- safe from any environmental stressors and UV rays. This is the best time to feed superfoods to our skin and what’s better than a special blend of cold pressed oils and Co2 extracts that repair, renew and protect the skin’s lipid barrier? So, simply take 2-3 drops of Soak In Love and gently massage it all over your face and neck to boost the hydration, collagen and ceramide levels in your skin.

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5) Magic Salve

This all purpose healing balm is all things soothing, healing and nourishing. From cuticles to cracked feet and from dry lips to flaky earlobes- Magic Salve is my go to in winters for anything and everything. Kokum, Moringa, Hemp and Turmeric soothe dry and irritated skin like none other! I always have a jar of Magic Salve with me. It is like a SOS for dry skin!

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