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Article: Tips for healthy skin in winters

Tips for healthy skin in winters

Tips for healthy skin in winters

The cool winter breeze, the shining soft sun and the early morning mist - there is joy in every little thing. Winters are almost here and so is the time to tweak our skincare routines a little. Winter air lacks humidity and makes our skin dry. Even though most of our natural skincare routine can remain the same, inclusion of certain oils and butters can make all the difference. Here are some tips and recommendations to prep your skin for the cold season ahead so that you can maintain a healthy and hydrated skin throughout -

Use cream based cleansers - Winter is a time to switch to creamy cleansers. Using a cream cleanser ensures that your skin is not stripped off its natural oils and in addition to that makes the skin feel soft and supple. Touch me Not is a mild cream based face cleanser that thoroughly cleanses the skin while strengthening the skin's barrier, soothing the skin, and assisting in maintaining a healthy pH level. It is perfect for sensitive, dehydrated, and dry skin and a must have in the winter season!

Moisturise at least twice a day - In the winter, after taking a warm shower, apply a deeply nourishing moisturiser right away. This helps in reviving parched skin. I personally like using That Good Cream in both my AM and PM routine as it is rich and deeply nourishing. It also calms and soothes my sometimes inflamed skin and enhances the texture and tone of my skin. 

Add a nourishing face oil for your dry skin to your routine -  Our skin naturally produces oils that aid in protecting and maintaining its health. However, the cold air and our skin’s inability to produce enough natural oils in winters makes it essential for us to include a nourishing face oil in our AM and PM skincare regimen. My favourite over all these years has been Soak In Love. The cold-pressed oils and CO2 extracts in this face oil repair, renew, and protect skin’s lipid barrier. A drop or two of this collagen boosting oil is all you need to hydrate your skin and enhances both skin tone and texture. I personally love the fragrance of Soak In Love and find it extremely calming. 

Pay attention to your heels and cuticles - As winter steps in, my feet and cuticles start getting extremely dry. My go to for this has always been the Magic Salve. Just a single scoop before I go to bed and my heels and cuticles are all repaired!

Take care of your lips - The cold and dry air makes our lips dry and chapped. Carrying lip oil or lip butter with you as the winter onsets is a great idea! Applying an organic lip balm after every 2-3 hours will keep your lips healthy, hydrated, soft and supple.

Apart from these, I also like to exfoliate my skin at least twice a week to remove any dead skin. This ensures that all the products penetrate better into the skin and are able to do their job more effectively. 



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