We are a simple, honest and effective skincare brand focused on providing easy solutions to your regular skin issues using the therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients. Our products are simple, handmade and made with utmost love for our customers. Our certified formulators work tirelessly to deliver products which give you the confidence and joy of beautiful skin.

We nurture your skin, support our farmers and care for the environment. Our products are made with the intention to empower you from within. Our philosophy calls for healing from within, thus we constantly promote eating organic and living healthy. We are committed to providing you with the highest-grade skincare essentials and boost your healing journey.
Our products are curated to provide your skin with the external support it needs to heal and nourish your skin. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, it results in a refreshing glow and a charismatic aura. We aim to make your self-care journey more convenient, your destination more beautiful and your personality more confident.  
                                          OUR INGREDIENTS 
Most of our ingredients are sourced locally from our farmers. We also source certain ingredients from across the world to enhance the quality of our products. We are committed to using only organic and/or wild-harvested ingredients to create quality products alongside supporting the livelihood of our farmers.

                              OUR PLANET, OUR RESPONSIBILITY 
 We are grateful for our planet and take full responsibility for it. We do our best in reducing waste and avoid plastic packaging as much as possible. We are constantly researching on better packaging methods which are eco-friendly and cost-effective. As a brand, we have always promoted minimalism and the use of sustainable products. That also inspires our decision to make multipurpose products.