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About Us

Our story...

Five years ago, when Sunayana told her friends that she and her family put together rock salt, turmeric, clove, and cinnamon to use as toothpowder, they were beyond intrigued. Encouraged by their interest, she decided to share the homemade blend with her small community of like-minded people. Armed with a large mason jar, she took her creation to the local farmers’ market where she volunteered every Sunday. Along with some organic veggies, people also took with them the toothpowder in containers they brought from home. Over the next few days, Sunayana was swamped with messages praising the toothpowder and received numerous requests to start selling it– and she did. In the following weeks, she also added homemade rose- and neem-based face wash powders to her tiny yet growing list of natural personal care products. In those months, Raw Beauty was born.  

Five years later, Raw Beauty has over 50 products that cater to a wide range of skin and hair care needs. Chamkeela, the toothpowder that marked the beginning of Raw Beauty, along with the two face wash powders, Gulaabo and Neemoii, are some of our most loved bestsellers. Along the way, Sunayana, a certified formulator from Formula Botanica, has built a brand that emerges from her on-going quest for minimal, honest and slow living.

Our philosophy...

On Raw Beauty’s social media, Sunayana urges its followers to be mindful of their consumption by only buying as much as they truly need. “Finish the products you have accumulated so far, then buy from us,” she likes to say. She minces no words in prioritizing a balanced, rested lifestyle over fast-paced consumption of cosmetic products. She doesn’t view skin and hair to be immune from lifestyle choices– the kinder you are to your mind and body, the more your skin would thrive. She posts unfiltered pictures of herself basking in sunlight, her freckles resting in all their glory. “All skin conditions aren’t meant to be ‘fixed’– most of them aren’t even real issues,” she says, in response to a DM on why she hasn’t “fixed” her freckles yet. She envisions Raw Beauty as a medium that gives everyone the confidence to embrace their raw self, not to morph it to match absurd beauty standards.

Our ingredients...

The sole reason why we can be unconventionally honest in our approach is because we believe in our thoroughly researched formulations of certified ingredients. Over the past five years, we have built a unique network of farmers and NGOs working in all parts of India to source the best ingredients for you and your skin. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the spice plantations in Kerala, from the forests of Uttarakhand to the rose fields in Rajasthan, we bring you the best our land has to offer in collaboration with organizations that follow sustainable practices. At Raw Beauty, we also stay abreast with emerging technologies in the skincare industry by sourcing high-grade plant-derived and bio-available ingredients and actives from locations across the world. We take pride in striking a fine balance in our use of local and global ingredients that improve the efficacy of our products.

We will continue to bring honest and effective products for your skin and hair, products that make the experience of personal care joyful. For now, we encourage you to browse through our extensive range of products that cater to a variety of skin and hair needs. It is our sincere hope that every time you use a Raw Beauty product, you feel empowered to take a pause and reconnect with yourself.