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Article: 5 skin care essentials for your Dad

skin care essentials for your Dad

5 skin care essentials for your Dad

Today let’s talk about that man in all of our lives who gives great advice and is always encouraging and protective, but only towards others. You’ve guessed it right, that man is our Dad! He is always looking after everyone in the house but often keeps his own self care and wellness at bay. Skincare and self care is for all and to make oneself feel worthy of slowing down, introspecting as well as just deep breathing is what father’s usually ignore.

With #Rawforall, I want the inclusivity in beauty, wellness and sustainable skin care to surface. We all talk about our papa on Father’s Day but I want to truly highlight the importance of self care, holistic wellness and natural skincare products for men, especially our dads because ageing skin demands a little extra care and love! So for now, let’s dive into 5 skin care essentials that celebrate all kinds of dads and their happy spirit in life-

Timeless Antioxidant Serum

A deeply moisturising serum deserves a spot in every Dad’s cabinet. As we age, our skin becomes thin, dry and prone to cracks. It also tends to lose its natural moisture barrier, therefore thirsting for more hydration. Using ingredients like 2% Resveratrol, Ferulic Acid, Lime Caviar and Amino Acids help reduce fine lines and boost skin’s natural radiance.

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Densely Dark Hair Oil

We all love to share a laugh with our family and bond over champi time! To make oiling sessions memorable and fun, we curated a hair oil using Cayenne Pepper, Bhringraj, Indigo and Manjistha, that not only promotes hair growth but also prevents greying and darkens the natural hair colour effortlessly. Guess, you’ll have to find other jokes instead of giggling discussing the grey locks of your Dad!

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Brightening Bar

Don’t all dads just stick to one bar of soap and use it as a 3 in one product? There are some classic habits you can’t change but can surely enhance the experience! Infused with Goat Milk, Lodh Bark and Manjistha, introduce your dad to the goodness of a cold pressed bathing soap and gently brighten his self care routine.

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Free Spirit Gel Deodorant

Dads are so humble, caring, loving and often have that sweet pa energy flowing with them. They always leave behind a little bit of themselves wherever they go! This is very similar to our prebiotic gel deodorants which are loaded with Noni, Zinc Lactate, Bearberry and Daisy. Like dads, all our scents embody a sense of freeness and hence make a perfect companion for them!

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Sore Muscle Salve

With all the hard work and unsaid things that father’s do for us, they often neglect their wellbeing. It’s inevitable for pain to come to us but to age gracefully and comfortably is always a choice that we have. So next time when you are relaxing with your dad after a long and tiring day at work, take a pinch of the sore muscle salve and massage on his stiff neck or forehead. Ingredients like Cayenne Pepper, Nutmeg, Clove and Wintergreen soothe and relaxes tired muscles. Trust me, these are the small memories we unknowingly make and cherish later on in life!

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