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Article: Types of Skin Care We All Need

Types of Skin Care We All Need

Types of Skin Care We All Need

Let’s burst some bubbles today, shall we? Skincare isn’t only about taking care of your skin, it’s about nourishing your being. A skincare routine, like any other form of self care can nourish, soothe and calm us. For a lot of us, it might start from using our favourite leave in hair conditioner but for some of us it might be about practising self love. In the end, indulge yourself in regimes that restore, revive and reconcile with your inner self.

What is my take on Skin Care?

As for me, I like to segregate my skin care into the following five categories -

1) The Physical

Double cleanse, exfoliate or moisturise- just keep your skin healthy! To maintain the physical health of our skin, it’s essential to eat right, sleep enough and religiously follow a skincare routine. I personally follow a dry skin and hair routine by using products from the dry skin combo and the dry + itchy scalp combo. Both these kits have been a saviour in disguise to me. My mature dry skin absolutely adores them!

2) The Emotional

To spend time with oneself and to be comfortable in one’s skin is what emotional skincare looks like. We all could apply tubs of de-pigmentation masks however none of it will suffice if we are not in alignment with our natural, raw selves. Beauty starts from within, with acceptance and contentment.

3) The Social

We are all social animals and so is our skin! It loves soaking the sun and the goodness of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. On some days, try to wake up early and join the 4AM club. Trust me, your body will feel blessed and nurtured. I personally love to tune in some soft music, stretch my body, take a sun kissed selfie and just appreciate the life I get to live each day.

4) The Sustainable

Living consciously and mindfully is honestly the need of the hour. As I always say, sustainable skincare is about taking out 2 minutes to read the label before purchasing the product. We should make sure that the products we pick are not tested on any animals. You could also include vegan skincare products in your regimes if you like. My son for instance loves the ‘Earth Bound’ prebiotic gel deodorant. He always tells me how the petrichor calms and soothes his senses. Goodness, humility and love never hurts anyone!

5) The Vibe

As soon as I wake up, I know I have to pour myself a cup of herbal tea and simply lounge with my dog by my side. Absorbing my surroundings and connecting with myself instantly lifts up my spirits and gives me a boost to kickstart the day. It is always these small things that add us to our overall well being. A happy soul radiates glowing skin, always! For a complete vibe check, you can also have a weekly pampering session or simply make time for yourself and assess your skin and soul.


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