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Article: 5 Things To Do Before You Hit The Bed

5 Things To Do Before You Hit The Bed

5 Things To Do Before You Hit The Bed

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We spend most of our energy stressing about our ‘day routine’. What to wear to work, tasks to tick off the checklist, socialising and so on. Our ‘night routine’ often takes a backseat. I like to make a conscious effort to destress my mind and body after a long day by taking out a few moments just for myself.

Things To Do Before Bed

Before we actually call it a day, we should try to make space to rewind as well as mentally prepare ourselves for the day to come by following a few practices like:

1) Clean your space

I once read somewhere that a clean space makes for a clear mind. Before I turn in to hit the bed, I like to organise my home a little. This sets the way for a stress-free morning. I wake up happy and don’t have to start my day completing undone tasks. This habit has changed my life and is honestly such a mood booster. I also take this time to dim the lights, sometimes light a nice aromatherapy candle and pack my bag for the next day.

2) Do your night care routine

I start off my PM skincare with brushing my teeth with ‘Chamkeela’, my favourite herbal tooth powder. I then ‘Wind up’ with a deep cleanse, taking off the build up of the entire day and ‘Soak in Love’ my face and neck by massaging in circular motions. You could also use a kansa gua sha to massage your face.

3) Turn off Distractions

Disconnect, turn on some soothing music, give yourself a champi (head massage) or indulge yourself in some light reading. Everyone has their own ways of turning on the relaxing vibes, so the key is to find what works best for you. I sometimes use a tablespoon of ‘Densely Dark’ hair oil and gently massage my scalp for a good 10-15 minutes. And other times I give my feet a good massage with apricot oil to build my Ojas. It truly releases the tension in my muscles and relaxes my mind.

4) Practice Gratitude

It is one of the healthiest emotions to feel. Practising gratitude is not only an antidote to negative spaces in our life, but also offsets the tiredness, worry and uneasiness that builds up within us by the end of the day. Sit back, be with your breath as I like to say and recap your entire day. Be grateful for all the positive things that happened to you and understand your learning from the ones that took undesired shape. Being content from within is the first step towards mindful living.

5) The Final Unwind

It’s finally time to tuck yourself in bed. Loosely tie your hair with a silk scrunchie, smile to yourself, sip on some herbal tea or just plain water and get ready to sleep like a baby.

Final Words

Getting yourself to follow a routine is a humbling journey. Don’t shy away from embarking on this- start slow and keep up at your own pace. I promise it’ll help you find your centre and lead a more complete life!


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Just reading it made me so calm, lovely routine


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