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Article: How Much Beauty Care Product Should I Be Using? - Time To Understand Layering

How Much Beauty Care Product Should I Be Using

How Much Beauty Care Product Should I Be Using? - Time To Understand Layering

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We all spend our time looking for skin and hair care products available all over the internet, obsess over the fancy ingredients they contain, sing lullabies of our holy grails and that one regime that we swear by. But amidst all this, the one thing that takes a back seat is how much or how little of these products we should actually use. When it comes to skincare both the quality and the quantity matters. Even the layering of each product varies as per time and weather. For example, I would include the ‘Soak in Love’ face oil in my night routine during the summers whereas the same would be a part of my morning routine in the winters.

To shoo away all these skincare woes, I’ll take you through the process of layering natural skin care products according to different skin types and the recommended amounts to use.

A rule of thumb: For full absorption and maximum efficacy of the products, always apply them from thinnest to thickest. Whether you’ve dry or oily skin- always start with the liquid-y serums or toners and move towards oil-based, creamy, and thick moisturisers at the last.


Our cleansers do the important job of washing away all the dirt and sebum from our faces. We need to use a generous quantity for them to perform their function. However, let’s say you are a dry or a combination skin type who ends up using excessive amounts of cleanser- you’ll end up with a flaky, stretchy skin that has been ripped off of all its essential oils. Using a teaspoon full of face wash powders, a pump or half of the liquid face wash (depending on your skin type) or a pea sized amount of the balms is what I recommend.


Our skin loves a little serum or a mist that hydrates and awakens all its cells. Spray your face generously with a soothing mist like ‘Blue chamomile’ and follow it by a few drops of your favourite serum. A well prepped skin strengthens the skin’s barrier and enhances absorption of other products.


Give attention to your under eyes, pigmented foreheads and the puffiness of the face by adding a pump of face and eye gels in your routine. Yes, that’s exactly the amount you need! The high concentration of these products means that you only need a teeny tiny bit of these to work their magic.


Seal all of the above goodness with a pump of any kind of moisturiser that you prefer. It could be gel or cream based. Remember, when I say a pump it refers to the size of a blueberry or two raisins. Using excessive amounts can clog your pores and leave your skin greasy.


To protect your skin from inflammation and UV damage, apply 2 fingers full of sun protection all over your face and neck and a tiny amount of your favourite lip balm.

Pro Tip: Layer your products one by one, giving each of them enough time to absorb in the skin. Someone has rightly said “Take time to make your skin happy.”


Frequently Asked Question related to Skin Care Products Layering

What is the correct way to layer skin care products?

The correct way to layer skincare products is to start with the thinnest consistency and end with the thickest. Apply products like toners, serums, and treatments first, then moisturizers, and finally sunscreen during the day.

Is it good to layer skin care products?

Yes, layering allows each product to penetrate the skin effectively, addressing various concerns like hydration, nourishment, and protection, leading to healthier and more radiant skin.

Is it necessary to use a toner?

Using a toner isn't always necessary, but it can benefit your skincare routine. Toners help balance pH levels, remove impurities, and prepare the skin for better absorption of moisturizers and serums.

Can I skip toner and use serum?

Yes, you can skip toner and use serum, especially if your serum offers hydrating or balancing properties.

What are the basic three skincare products?

The basic three skincare products are cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

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