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Article: Bursting Winter Skin Care Myths With Sunayana Gupta

Winter Skin Care Myths

Bursting Winter Skin Care Myths With Sunayana Gupta

As the cold winds begin to sweep in and the temperatures drop, our skin and hair often bear the brunt of the season. In the pursuit of maintaining healthy skin and hair during winter, many fall prey to common myths that can sometimes do more harm than good. Let’s find out what common winter skincare myths Sunayana Gupta, our founder debunks and shares her expert insights on maintaining radiant and healthy skin throughout the season.

1) Exfoliation should be avoided in winter

Some people believe that exfoliating in winter increases dryness. However, gentle exfoliation is essential, even during winters to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. I suggest gentle yet potent chemical exfoliants like Dig Deep, which balances excessive sebum production and reduces the occurrence of congestion and blackheads, while also lightening acne marks, scarring & blemishes.

2) Hot showers help combat the cold

While nothing beats a hot shower on a chilly day, excessively hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Opt for lukewarm water instead and limit shower time to preserve your skin’s moisture. And make sure to always follow up with nourishing products like Magic Salve or Mulayam to lock in hydration.

3) Oily skin people don’t need to moisturise

Winter dehydration can affect all skin types, including oily skin. Instead of heavy creams, opt for lightweight, gel-based lotions and hydrants like Quench. Quench hydrates, heals and repairs dry, dehydrated or irritated skin without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.

4) Your haircare routine can remain the same

The cold winter breeze can leave hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Swap out your regular shampoo for a gentle, low-poo shampoo like Bounce or Back To Basics and use nourishing hair masks and scalp butter weekly to restore moisture and strength. Spa In A Jar, Fix Your Crown and Grandma are some heroes of our haircare collection.

5) Drinking Water Alone Hydrates Your Skin

While staying hydrated is crucial, solely relying on water for skin hydration isn’t sufficient in winter. Cold weather and indoor heating can deplete moisture levels. Pair water intake with a nourishing skincare routine. We understand finding the right dry skin moisturizer for winter can be tough but Using a good, emollient hand and foot cream and moisturising products works wonders in retaining skin moisture.

Winter is a beautiful season, and with the right skincare and haircare regimen, you can fully enjoy its magic without compromising your beauty. At Raw Beauty, we advocate for embracing natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body, ensuring that your skin and hair stay healthy, radiant, and resilient throughout the year.

Final Words

Remember, skincare isn’t just about external treatments; it’s a holistic approach that encompasses hydration, protection, and nourishment from the inside out. Stay hydrated, eat nutrient-rich foods, and prioritize self-care rituals that support your skin and hair health. Look for good quality organic skin care products online and stick to a simple skincare routine especially suited for your skin type.

Let’s bid adieu to these winter skincare myths and welcome the season with a glow that comes from understanding and embracing what our skin and hair truly need. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of winter, confidently and naturally.


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