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Article: Hair care tips for summers

Hair care tips for summers

Hair care tips for summers

Summers are here in full glory and so are the days of swimming, vacations, pool parties and a lot of fun activities in summer camps! With all the fun, summers also bring in excessive sun exposure combined with dirt, sweat, and the constant pollution. As the summer wind entangles our hair, we are left with an abundance of hair issues and while we can’t stop the sun from shining, we can always reduce the problems that come with it by using the correct skin and hair care products.

Excessive sweat, dirt and pollution clogs our hair follicles and adds to scalp buildup. This causes painful bumps on our scalp and causes hair loss. Blocked hair follicles also stunt hair growth. This technically happens because the cuticles in our scalp get coated with a thick layer of grease and affect the porosity of our scalp. An oily scalp is an ideal environment for Malassezia, a fungus that lives on our scalp. It feeds on oil and excess of this fungus results in a scaly and flaky scalp.

Here are a few changes you can incorporate into your summer hair care routine to make it effective:

1. Add an exfoliating serum: It’s important to gently exfoliate our scalp to get rid of grime, sweat and flakes and leave it squashy clean. A clean scalp makes it easier for other products to penetrate. A blend of 2% Salicylic Acid, Zinc PCA and Apple Cider Vinegar helps balance the pH balance of our scalp and keeps it dandruff free. Clear scalp is one such pre-wash hair serum. It is also beginner-friendly and pregnancy safe.

2. Switch to a gentle shampoo: We tend to wash our hair more during summers. To avoid stripping your scalp of its natural oils, try switching to a low-poo shampoo like Bounce or Back to Basics.

3. Ditch heavy conditioners: A leave-in hair serum-like Satin that protects your hair from damage, and prevents split ends while deeply nourishing your hair can be added for enhanced protection.

4. Use a hair mask weekly: The harmful UV rays make our hair dull and frizzy. To restore the shine and make our hair feel silky again, it’s crucial to include a mask like lustre in our hair care regime. It repairs damaged hair and makes them look lustrous once again.

5. Attend to your tresses: With all the sebum build up and henceforth the hair fall, a hair growth gel like Sprout Again which is infused with the goodness of bhringraj, pea protein, turmeric and wheat germ extract really comes to the rescue as all these ingredients prolong the cycle of hair making it healthy and dense.

Extra tips for Healthy Hair

- Shampoo only your scalp. When we wash down the shampoo, our hair gets rinsed automatically.

- Instead of spraying a heat protectant on your hair daily, cover it up with a nice straw hat or a scarf.

- Use a silk or muslin pillow cover.

- Try to air dry your hair as much as possible and use a wooden comb.

- Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet. For some time, you could give extra focus on including food items rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, iron and complex B vitamins.

With these tips, there’s no more locking up your hair. Let them down and enjoy summer carefree!


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