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Article: What is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?

What is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?

What is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?

Our skin type is determined by factors such as hormones, genetics and age. This is why we all have different skin types such as oily, normal, combination or dry. However, in addition to this each skin type can have different skin conditions like sensitivity, acne prone and dehydration. Yes, you read that right! Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things altogether, but often exist symbiotically. Nevertheless, a person with oily skin can also experience dehydrated skin. Through this blog, I want to highlight the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin and some natural skin care products and lifestyle changes that we can make to say goodbye to dehydrated skin.
Dry skin is a type

Dry skin is defined by the lack of sebum production and marked by scaling on our body. Dry skin usually doesn’t have enough lipids which make the skin look extra matte with almost invisible pores. Due to this inefficiency of producing enough natural oils, people with dry skin have rough patches, flakiness, visible lines and wrinkles and poor elasticity.

My tips on an effective routine for dry skin

Start your skincare with a nourishing face wash such as ‘Gulaabo’, that would boost your skin with hydration. Now, nourish your skin with plant based oils or use a hyaluronic acid. ‘Soak in Love’ is a special blend of cold pressed oils and does the perfect job for me. For that extra hit of hydration, follow it up with ‘That Good Cream as it deeply nourishes and calms the skin. Once a week, I like to use ‘Cool Kid’ to treat inflammation and sunburns. Additionally, using a natural lip balm for dry lips also helps.

Dehydrated skin is a condition

A dehydrated skin looks dull and lacks radiance due to a drip in hydration levels from within. It glorifies the imperfections and makes wrinkles more visible. The factors that contribute to dehydrated skin range from hormonal imbalance and excessive stress to improper diet and long hot showers. Modern lifestyle practices such as being in the AC for long hours also drain out the moisture from our skin. Using a lot of actives in our daily skincare routine or using them incorrectly (for example, skipping layering a moisturiser) also damages our natural skin barrier and dries out our skin. However, dehydrated skin is a mere condition that can be easily taken care of with some simple changes in lifestyle. Sometimes it seems like oily skin but needs to be treated like dry skin.

Let’s say goodbye to dehydrated skin

I like to include watermelon, cucumber, ash gourd and other food items that are high in water content in my diet to keep my nourishment levels in check. I also avoid long hot showers. In skincare products, my favourite and an absolute go to is ‘Quench’ because of the anti-dehydration shield that it reinforces on my skin. It provides a 72 hours long hydration alongside optimising the skin’s water circulation. It’s truly a dehydrated skin’s best friend!


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