How to effectively use our Oily-Acne Prone Skin Combo

Have you noticed that some people’s skin radiates an extra glow? The fact is that every person’s skin has oil in it. Under our pores, we have numerous sebaceous glands that constantly produce natural oils called sebum. The role of sebum is to keep our skin hydrated and healthy. However, when these glands start producing excessive oil due to either hormonal changes or sometimes certain external factors, our skin starts breaking out. This condition is coined as oily-acne prone skin. Due to our eating habits, lifestyle choices and environmental factors; most people these days are on a lookout for skincare for oily acne prone skin.

For this reason, I have put together an effective regime that is beginner friendly, easy to follow and includes just 3 oily acne prone skin products-

Clean Deep Face Wash - Start your AM skincare routine by taking a pump of this pore cleansing face wash and gently massage it on your damp face and neck. Massage it until generous lather is formed. Rinse with water. The 2% Azelaic Acid, Meadowsweet and Olive Leaf balances skin’s sebum production, helps in inhibiting acne and makes skin tone even. You can use this face wash daily as it is mild and does not strip off our skin of its natural moisture.

Dig Deep Exfoliating Serum - To reduce the occurrence of congestion, lighten acne marks and soothe active acne; a spot treatment is of utmost importance. Spot treatments are usually crafted with active ingredients that are extremely problem specific. Dig Deep is crafted with 2% Salicylic Acid and 4% Azelaic Acid that are clinically proven to regulate sebum production, lighten dark spots, moisturise the skin, improve skin elasticity, refine skin texture and tone the skin. I suggest including 2-3 drops of this serum in your PM routine only twice a week and as a rule of thumb, always layer it with a moisturiser.

Breakout at Bay Gel Lotion - Let me start this by bursting the myth bubble that oily skin doesn't need a moisturiser. Every skin needs nourishment. You have to be simply watchful of the ingredients and the consistency of the product. For an oily-acne prone skin, a matifying gel based lotion with ingredients like Oat Ferment, Zinc, Cinnamon and Pomegranate work really well. All these ingredients apart from balancing sebum production and being anti-bacterial in nature, also help with pigmentation, post acne marks, dark spots, skin inflammation and protect against oxidative stress after sun radiations. Use a pump of breakout at bay to moisturise your face and neck twice everyday and you’ll see a brighter, smoother and more luminous skin.

Lastly, consistency and diet is key. Your skin is what you eat and how you treat it daily. Religiously stick to a routine that you like and can followly easily or tweak it up a little from time to time so that boredom does not seep in. I’m sure you’ll have healthy and glowing skin in no time!


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