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Article: Quick tips for under eye care

Tips For Under Eye Care

Quick tips for under eye care

When it comes to our face, one of the first areas to start showing early signs of ageing are our under eyes. The area around our eyes is one the thinnest and the most sensitive areas of our body. The skin around and under our eyes does not have as many oil glands and the same ability to produce collagen as the rest of our face and body. This is the reason our under eyes are more prone to dryness, fine lines, droopiness, wrinkles and dark circles. This means that any lifestyle changes, environmental stressors, lack of sleep and other skin aggressors start showing almost immediately and if not taken care of at the right time, can take many months to recover.

Tips For Under Eye Care

So if you want to be an old soul with young eyes, include some natural skin care products in your regime and follow these tips -


Hydration can solve most problems! The skin being thin, it is more prone to moisture loss. With increased screen time and being in air conditioned rooms almost all day long, our under eyes become super dry. Hence, it’s important to apply an under eye cream everyday to keep your skin supple and refreshed!

Sunscreen up

Direct UV exposure harms our skin and causes brown spots and collagen breakdown. This is another cause of early signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. So, always cover up your face without missing your undereyes with sunscreen or even make a stylish pair of sunglasses your best friend!

Keep it gentle

Right from the products that you use to the technique of application, make sure to be extremely gentle when applying anything near your eyes. One pro tip is to always use your ring finger to gently massage any eye cream or apply any makeup. Our ring finger is the most delicate of them all and gives just enough pressure. And in general, avoid rubbing your eyes too much and dont pull or drag the skin under your eyes while cleansing your face.

Consistency and the right ingredients are key

Whether it is from the time of prevention or repair, consistency is key! From the selection of right ingredients and layering correctly to using the product daily or as prescribed, each step matters.

Some ingredients or actives that you should look out for in an eye serum or gel are as follows-

  • Tetrapeptide to reduce puffiness, improve skin luminance and reduce ark circles.
  • Caffeine to condition, stimulate blood circulation and improve facial redness.
  • Ectoin to protect skin barrier, repair skin, and improve aged, stressed and irritated skin.
  • Aquaxyl to optimise skin’s water circulation.

Can Raw Beauty help you?

Most of our skincare range is formulated to be versatile in nature, however you can try the following products specially for under eye care:

  • Wink Wink to protect, regenerate, firm and tackle puffiness and fine lines.
  • Sleepover to hydrate, brighten and repair.
  • Margarita to lighten, tighten and tone.

Lastly, never skimp on your sleep. Sleep replenishes and repairs the skin. It’s the simplest practice but works like magic!


Frequently Asked Question related to Under Eye Care and Dark Circles

How can I make my under eyes look better?

To improve under-eye appearance, try applying cold cucumber slices or cold tea bags to reduce puffiness.

How can I hide dark circles naturally?

You can try applying cool cucumber slices or cold green tea bags over closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Can ice remove dark circles?

Ice can help reduce the appearance of dark circles temporarily by constricting blood vessels and reducing puffiness.

How can I remove dark circles permanently fast?

To remove dark circles permanently and quickly, try these natural methods: Get enough sleep, hydrate well, apply cold compresses, use cucumber slices or tea bags, and try natural remedies like almond oil or aloe vera.

Is Coffee good for dark circles?

Yes, coffee can help reduce the appearance of dark circles due to its caffeine content, which constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling.

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