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Article: Why do men need to take care of their skin?

Why men need skin care as well

Why do men need to take care of their skin?

Mostly skin care is always discussed around issues related to women. Does that mean men don’t need skin care? Nothing can be farther from the truth. Everyone needs to take care of their skin. It requires proper nourishment and care - this doesn’t change based on one’s gender. Skincare is a part of personal care. Like women, men also have skin issues like - pores, fine lines, texture, pigmentation, etc. No matter what your gender or age is, you can definitely benefit from developing a skincare routine.

Reasons Why Men Need Skin Care

Here are some reasons why men need skincare as well -

1) To curb oily skin

Proper cleansing and balancing out excessively oily skin means removing toxins and clear clogged pores while retaining skin’s natural oils and moisture. An anti-pollution cleanser can work wonders. It will gently deep cleanse your skin by removing the excess impurities.

2) To curb texture and dark patches

Regular shaving can leave your skin with dryness and significant dark patches. For this opt for SLS free shaving cream instead of foam. You can also go for mild shaving foam that retains the much needed natural moisture. A cream not only soothes and lightens the skin but also helps protect the skin from irritation from the razor blade.

3) To curb discoloration

Reluctance to wear a sunscreen generally causes men’s skin to tan easily. Tan removal ubtan like ‘Kick Ass’ or pure distilled hydrosols can help with sunburn and discolouration. By applying ubtan on damp skin and exfoliating gently in circular motion regularly can help immensely.

Tips To Develop A Healthy Skin Care Regime

To further help you develop healthy skin care regime, here are some tips:

Wash your face daily and after workout:

Wash your face with a mild facial cleanser like ‘No Fuss’ to detoxify your skin.

Moisturize Everyday

It will help reduce fine lines and make your skin look brighter and younger. To get better results, opt for applying skin and hair care products immediately after bathing, showering and shaving while the skin is still damp.


“We scream for sunscreen” - I am not kidding! To help prevent sun damage that leads to a plethora of skin issues like - wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation- before going outdoors apply it to all the exposed skin areas. This includes not just the face but also your ears, neck and lips as well. I also suggest using ‘Dewy Lips’ to hydrate and protect your lips from harsh UV rays.

Check your skin regularly

Try and notice any suspicious new spots like moles that itch or bleed or any change in spot color that is not going away, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Final Words

Hope these tips help in the long run. Remember every skin is different and there is no one approach to skin care. Listen to your skin and you’ll know exactly what to use when!


Frequently Asked Question related to Mens Skincare Routine

Why is skincare for men important?

Skincare for men is important because it helps maintain healthy skin, prevents premature aging, and protects from environmental damage.

How important is good skin to men?

Good skin is important to men for confidence and overall well-being. It reflects health and vitality, impacting how they feel and present themselves.

How can I glow my skin naturally?

To naturally glow your skin, prioritize hydration by drinking plenty of water and eating water-rich fruits and vegetables.

Why is skincare different for men?

Skincare for men can differ due to variations in skin thickness, oiliness, and collagen levels. Men's skincare often focuses on simplicity and effectiveness, with products tailored to address specific concerns like shaving irritation and excess oil production.

When should men start skincare?

Men should start skincare as soon as they want to prioritize their skin's health and appearance.

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