Lip Care During Winters

Along with Christmas, snow, and bonfires with friends and family, winter also brings some dry, rough, and itchy skin as a special visitor. Nobody enjoys having dry skin and moreover dry and chapped lips! So taking extra care becomes a necessity.I personally love indulging in some lip-care once a week by cleansing, exfoliating and masking. It truly brightens up my dull lips and makes them look softer and fuller. Most of us also wear lipstick on a daily basis which further suffocates our lips and causes discoloration. So, to ensure that your pout is always smooth and shining, I’m sharing some of my favourite go-to tips that will help you bid adieu to dry lips and welcome soft, plump and healthy lips!

1. Cleanse and pat dry: First things first, our lips need to be clean and dry before we begin the process of exfoliation and masking. Use any hydrosol (my favourite is the Vetiver Hydrosol) to moisten a cotton pad and wipe your lips off the dirt.

2. Exfoliate: The skin of our lips is softer than the skin on the rest of our face so be gentle while exfoliating. I prefer ‘Bloody Mary’ as it is an effective concoction of ingredients that lighten pigmentation and add plumpness to the lips and skin. It is loaded with raspberry, pumpkin seed, and beetroot that are ideal for dull and dry lips and gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

3. Apply a ghee based lip balm: The goodness of A2 ghee not only deeply nourishes the lips but also protects them from oxidative stress and gives radiance to lifeless lips. I thoroughly enjoy our new launch ‘Ghee Pout’ as just a dime of this gives a solid dose of hydration to the lips, brightens them and keeps them plump. The subtle fragrance of Rose Geranium essential oil in the lip balm really calms me down!

4. Avoid licking your lips: The skin of our lips being soft and delicate is prone to drying sooner. Repeatedly licking your lips dries them out even more and they get chapped.

5. Use an anti-ageing lip oil: Our lips undergo a lot of oxidative stress on a daily basis. Using ‘Dewy Lips’ on my lips every night as an overnight mask has really helped my lips fight the signs of ageing. It hydrates the lips while simultaneously reducing cell damage and lightening discoloration. It contains Carrot Seed Oil, Gotu Kola, and Bidens Pilosa which nourishes the lips and also gives them a nice glossy appearance.

Lastly, don’t pull the dry skin off your chapped lips and remember to hydrate-hydrate-hydrate!


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