Which face mask from raw beauty is the best for you?

Instinctively, masking is not a go to step in the daily skincare regime of most people but more so a part of their weekly or once in a while pamper routine. Now, whether you reach out for your favourite mask weekly, every couple of days or occasionally, there is no shying away from the benefits of using a face mask. A face mask not only instantly brightens your skin but is also known to help beneficial ingredients penetrate better into the skin for targeted results. I’m sure we don’t need anymore reasons to not use a face mask! 
At Raw Beauty, we have a face mask for everyone! I’m breaking down the benefits and utility of each mask so that you can pick and choose the best ones as per your liking.
  1. Muddly In Love -  It is a clarifying face mask which is non-abrasive and milled into a soft softer. It is packed with potent ingredients like Manicouagan Mud, Burdock Root, Olive Leaf and Lingonberry which makes it ideal for combination, oily and acne-prone skin. Muddly in love should be in everyone’s skincare vanity who is looking at controlling excessive oil production, lightening pigmentation, decongesting their pores and energising their skin. I personally love the vibrant appearance that this mask gives to the skin, it is truly hard to miss!
  2. Cacao Lagao -  It is a beautifully decadent face mask which is loved by everyone for its anti-ageing effects. Blended with Cacao, Coenzyme Q10, Astaxanthin and Beta Carotene, it is suitable for all skin types. On regular use, the mask reduces photodamage, boosts skin’s radiance and makes the skin tone even. The mask is especially known to give an instant glow and hydration of the skin.
  3. Bloody Mary - This  is an effective concoction of ingredients that help you achieve your skin goals with ease. Whether it is gentle exfoliation, lightening pigmentation or adding that plumpness to your lips and skin, it does the job with ease. Packed with Raspberry, Pumpkin Seed and Beetroot, Bloody Mary is perfect for people with dull, pigmented lips & skin. Gentle exfoliation scrubs away dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and bright. Additionally, beetroot lends the skin a soft rosy look.
  4. Cool KidIt is a must have for someone who uses a lot of actives, stays out in the sun for long or has sensitive skin that is prone to irritation or inflammation. Enriched with Marshmallow, Beta Glucan, Cucumber and Calamine, Cool Kid instantly calms, soothes and hydrates the skin. It is an easy to use mask and reveals soft, healthy skin like none other!
Some additional points-
  • All our masks can be used all over the body as a body mask.
  • All our masks can be easily activated by using water, aloe vera gel, hydrosols, curd, milk or anything else as per your skin type.
  • All our masks are safe to use during pregnancy and lactation.

Lastly, all I can say is, “Start your day with a smile and end it with a face mask”. Life’s too short to not indulge in self care!


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