Night time skincare tips for winter

From summer to winter, it is not only our clothes or eating habits that change but also our skin. Our skin tries hard to fight the cold and dry winter air to maintain its glow and protect its barrier. The best time for our skin to rejuvenate and revive itself from the harsh sun, dirt and pollution is during the night. So, following an effective night time skin care routine is of utmost importance.

Like any other routine, even a night time skincare regime should essentially start by using a cleanser followed by a moisturiser and some self care habits that help you calm down and unwind the day. Here are some of the habits that I follow for my night time skincare routine in winter

Use a cream based cleanser - Cleaning your face using a cream based cleanser such as ‘Touch Me Not’ ensures that our skin is being cleansed gently without stripping it off its natural moisture. Our skin needs extra love and nourishment in winter and starting the skincare routine with this step ensures just that. A cream cleanser also soothes the skin and strengthens the much compromised skin barrier during winter.

Use an overnight lip oil - The skin of our lips is even more delicate and softer than our face and gets dry and chapped much faster during winter. The best way to ensure that your lips are hydrated, nourished and plump is to use an overnight anti-aging oil such as ‘Dewy Lips’ and wake up with glossy lips the next morning!

Pamper your feet - It is a common habit to forget our feet while taking care of our face, hands and hair all the time. So, I make it a point to deeply massage my feet with ‘Magic Salve’ every night before I hit the bed. Magic salve takes care of my cracked heels and dry cuticles like none other. I take a scoop, massage all over my feet and nails and cover up with a pair of socks. The result? Baby soft feet!

Relax your muscles - Our body activity tends to see a down curve in winters as we spend more time indoors, lounge in cosy pyjamas and sip on hot chocolates. This makes our muscles tight and stiff. So to relax and relieve my muscles, I like to take a quick shower with warm water followed by a massage with ‘Sore Muscles Salve’ on my back, calves and head. Trust me, this is a hack that works wonders in winter!

Incorporate slugging in your routine - Slugging is a great way to lock in moisture and prevent water loss from the skin, especially in winter. I like to start by using ‘Timeless’ all over my face and neck, followed by ‘Quench’ and then finally locking in with ‘Soak In Love’. Usually, a petroleum jelly is used as the final step however using a facial oil works just well for me.

Taking care of our skin is no rocket science and it is only the small things that matter! So take it slow, take it easy!


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