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Article: Tips & Tricks For Strong Hair

Tips & Tricks For Strong Hair

Tips & Tricks For Strong Hair

Everyone desires hair that is healthy, lustrous, and manageable. To get there, though, can be a challenge. Most of us struggle with hair problems of some kind that are mainly caused due to pollution, environmental change, genetics and lifestyle habits. However, with a proper hair care regime and some tips and tricks here and there, you’ll be able to flaunt healthy, strong and shiny hair.

My Favourite Tips For Soft and Healthy Hair

Here are some of my favourite tips for soft, frizz free and healthy hair -

Use a protein-rich hair mask weekly

Our newly launched ‘Spa in a Jar’ hair mask is my new favourite. Loaded with Hemp Mud, Comfrey, Kelp, Sodium PCA & Argan Oil, the mask revives lifeless hair and brings it to life from the very first use. I like to mix it with curd and apply just on the lengths of my hair. Apart from repairing and nourishing, it adds great volume and shine to my hair.

Use detoxifying hydrosols on your scalp

Yes! It is one of the most underrated but effective techniques to keep your scalp healthy. I like to use the ‘Neem and Curry Leaf Hydrosol’ to either activate my scalp and hair masks or simply spray it directly all over my scalp and hair. The goodness of neem and curry leaves help in calming the scalp and also clarifies it of any impurities.

Use a gentle heat protectant

Hot curling irons, straightening irons, and other heated styling appliances can damage our hair. Our hair usually becomes weak from overheating and develops damaged or frizzy strands. Since, we can’t altogether avoid styling our hair, I recommend protecting them with a layer of ‘Satin’, our leave-in hair conditioners and serum. This potent hair serum is packed with Golden Samphire, Wild Beetroot, Argan, and Jojoba that prevent our hair from damaging heat.

Avoid washing your hair too frequently

Washing your hair every day may drain it of more oil than is necessary, making it drier and more prone to breakage. Daily hair washing can make your hair dry, which increases the risk of split ends.

Use a wooden comb

Neem wood is known for its healing and antiseptic qualities that may help reduce dandruff, itch or scalp infection. The soft, rounded teeth of a neem wood comb won’t nick and cut the scalp. It evenly distributes the oils on the scalp and hair making hair naturally shiny & soft. It improves blood circulation, hence encourages hair growth.

Lastly, never skimp on your diet. Be gentle and persistent.


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