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Article: 5 Tips For Dehydrated Skin

Tips For Dehydrated Skin

5 Tips For Dehydrated Skin

Stick your hands up, if your skin is looking all dewy and plump right now? Literally no-one. Welcome to the season of dehydrated skin! I always say that the most important rule for any skincare routine to work well is to pick natural skin care products that are meant for your skin type. But another important thing is to keep the skin hydrated.

For this, I suggest, you equip yourself with these 5 must-haves for dehydrated skin and protect your skin from feeling uncomfortably dry, flaky and stretchy:

Use a cream cleanser:

Irrespective of the season, cleansing your face is an important part of a skincare routine. Invest in a cream cleanser like ‘Touch Me Not’ that effectively removes dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin without stripping it off its natural moisture. Personally, it is one of those cleansers that my skin absolutely loves!

Make hydrosols your best friend:

Dry winter winds strip off the natural moisture of your skin which is why I suggest misting your face with hydrosols like ‘Aloe Vera Hydrosol’ or ‘Vetiver Hydrosol’ at least a couple of times in a day. Hydrosols give the skin an instant burst of hydration and also help in restoring the PH level of the skin.

Wear your SPF:

UV rays damage the skin and also dehydrate it. It is highly suggested to wear sunscreen in all weather conditions. A good SPF not only protects your skin of the harmful rays but also has anti-ageing properties.

Don’t forget the lips:

Lip care is essential all year long. The skin of your lips is super sensitive - they tend to get dry and chapped especially during winters. You can start with exfoliating your lips gently using ‘Bloody Mary’ to get rid of the dead skin cells. It will also help the lip balm to penetrate through the lips and work effectively. I personally love applying ‘Ghee Pout’ every 3-4 hours to keep my lips soft and hydrated.

Use a hydrating face mask:

During winters, it's essential to keep your skin hydrated and using a face mask once a week is a great way to help with this. I alternate between ‘Cacao Lagao’ and ‘Cool Kid’ as both of them are equally loved by my skin. They both hydrate the skin and leave it soft to touch.

Other than these must-haves, I also include the following practices in my daily routine:

  • I drink a glass of coconut water with some overnight soaked and peeled almonds on an empty stomach.
  • During the night, I like to sip over some herbal tea which is rich packed with antioxidants and vitamins and helps heal inside out.
  • I avoid extremely hot showers as it is one of the biggest reasons to strip your skin off its moisture. It is always better to bathe with lukewarm water instead.
  • During a rough phase of dehydration, I use less actives and let the barrier restore naturally.

These are some simple practices that each one of us can inculcate and make a part of our routine. I hope they turn out to be as effective for you as they have been for me.


Frequently Asked Questions related to Dehydrated Skin

Can dehydration cause itchy skin?

Yes, dehydration can cause itchy skin because when the body lacks enough water, the skin becomes dry, leading to irritation and itching.

Can dehydrated skin cause large pores?

Yes, dehydrated skin can contribute to the appearance of large pores when skin lacks moisture, it may produce more oil to compensate, leading to clogged pores and enlarged appearance.

How do i know my skin is dehydrated?

Dehydrated skin feels tight, dull, and may show fine lines and it lacks moisture and appears rough or flaky. Look for signs like dry patches, increased sensitivity, and overall discomfort to recognize dehydration in your skin.

How to get rid of dehydrated skin?

To get rid of dehydrated facial skin you can hydrate with natural products like aloe vera gel or hyaluronic acid serum, drink plenty of water and protect skin from harsh weather.

How to take care of dehydrated skin?

To care for dehydrated skin, drink plenty of water, avoid hot showers, and use a humidifier to add moisture to the air.

Does smoking dehydrate your skin?

Yes, smoking dehydrates your skin as it constricts blood vessels, reducing oxygen and nutrient flow to the skin.

Does dehydrated skin cause acne?

Yes, dehydrated skin can contribute to acne because when skin lacks hydration, it may produce more oil to compensate, leading to clogged pores and acne.

Does coffee dehydrate your skin?

No, coffee doesn't directly dehydrate your skin, however, excessive consumption can dehydrate your body, affecting your skin indirectly.

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