Fix Your CrownFix Your Crown

Fix Your Crown

strengthening & hydrating scalp and hair mask

₹ 185.00

Wink WinkWink Wink
Must Try

Wink Wink

de puffing & firming eye serum

₹ 1,050.00

Nee MoiiNee Moii
Must Try

Nee Moii

Foaming face wash powder

From ₹ 650.00

Neem Wood Comb

Neem Wood Comb

Antiseptic & Anti static 

₹ 179.00

Reshami ZulfienReshami Zulfien

Reshami Zulfien

Anti frizz leave-in hair conditioner

₹ 145.00



Antioxidant serum

₹ 295.00

Natural Loofah

Natural Loofah

₹ 90.00

Aloe Vera HydrosolAloe Vera Hydrosol
Must Try

Aloe Vera Hydrosol

face and body mist

₹ 590.00

Muddly in LoveMuddly in Love
Must Try

Muddly in Love

Clarifying face mask

₹ 550.00

Happy DanceHappy Dance

Happy Dance

Prebiotic gel deodorant

₹ 185.00

Muslin WashclothMuslin Washcloth

Muslin Washcloth

100% organic cotton

₹ 390.00

Rose HydrosolRose Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol

face and body mist
₹ 590.00

Neem and Curry Leaf HydrosolNeem and Curry Leaf Hydrosol
Must Try

Neem and Curry Leaf Hydrosol

Face and body mist

₹ 590.00

Soak in LoveSoak in Love
Must Try

Soak in Love

Nourishing face oil

₹ 1,190.00



Brightening face wash powder

₹ 120.00

Sore Muscle SalveSore Muscle Salve
Must Try

Sore Muscle Salve

Pain relief balm

₹ 590.00

Densely DarkDensely Dark

Densely Dark

anti greying hair oil

₹ 140.00

Cool KidCool Kid
Must Try

Cool Kid

calming & hydrating face mask

₹ 630.00



anti bacterial toothpowder

₹ 85.00



clarifying & pore refining serum

₹ 245.00

Ride The WaveRide The Wave

Ride The Wave

anti frizz leave-in hair conditioner

₹ 145.00

Earth BoundEarth Bound

Earth Bound

prebiotic gel deodorant

₹ 185.00



barrier care lotion

₹ 185.00

Vetiver HydrosolVetiver Hydrosol

Vetiver Hydrosol

face and body mist

₹ 590.00